Quick life update – what a May

Quick life update – what a May

Hello world! How are ya? I have been AWOL for a few weeks and I apologize. I have my reasons though (see quick life update below)! It’s been an exciting time but mainly May was just hectic and full of busy work.

Here’s a quick life update: quick life update grad cap
  1. I graduated! This past Mother’s Day (5/8), I officially became an alumnus of the University of Illinois at Chicago!
    **Best present I could give my mom, in my opinion**
  2. I started a side project! I’m working with a Chicago non-profit with some website redesign work.
  3. I got a job! As of yesterday (6/6), I officially became an employee for the Chicago Tribune Media Group, which is now TRNC. I am an Inbound Advertising Representative. Sounds cool and sophisticated, doesn’t it? I’m a (income-earning) working gal again!
  4. I’m working on setting up a writing workshop for the Speculative Lit Foundation with director, Mary Anne Mohanraj. Details to come.
  5. I’ve celebrated everyone else graduating, birthdays, holidays, concerts, Book Expo America (!!!).
  6. I’ll be volunteering at Printer’s Row Lit Festival (will definitely post about this) and the Olympic Trials in St. Louis for Men’s Gymnastics; going on vacation and to Mamby on the Beach (will definitely post about this) and to as many Chicago neighborhood festivals and rooftops as I can.

This summer has a lot more going on than I thought but it sure will be fun!

Just wanted to quickly share my life update. I will be back to sharing work wisdom and Chicago outings soon though! I have tons to write about. Stay tuned.


P.S. The quote on my graduation cap is from One Tree Hill (watching the clip is highly recommended and a teeny bit required).

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